Our workgroup deals with problems in two main domains, the cryosphere and the coasts. Our subjects are broad ranging from geophysical loading changes to natural hazards, coastal erosion to glacier dynamics, to urbanization, hydrology and ecology.


Several recent manuscripts have been published!


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Pitcher L.H., Smith L.C., Cooley S.W., Zaino A., Carlson R., Pettit J., Gleason C.J., Minear J.T., Fayne J.V., Willis M.J., Hansen J.S.S., Easterday K.J., Harlan M.E., Langhorst T., Topp S.N., Dolan W., Kyzivat E.D., Pietroniro A., Marsh P., Yang D., Carter T., Onclin C., Hosseini N., Wilcox E., Moreira D., Berge-Nguyen M., Cretaux J-F., Pavelsky T.M. (2020) "Advancing Field-Based GNSS Surveying for Validation of Remotely Sensed Water Surface Elevation Products." Frontiers in Earth Science, 8.  https://doi.org/10.3389/feart.2020.00278

Hamlington, B.D., and the NASA Sea Level Team (2020) “Understanding of Contemporary Regional Sea Level Change and the Implications for the Future.” Reviews of Geophysics. https://doi.org/10.1029/2019RG000672

Zheng, W.*, Pritchard, M.E., Willis, M.J., Stearns., L.E. (2019) “The possible transition from glacial surge to ice stream on Vavilov Ice Cap.” Geophysical Research Lettershttps://doi.org/10.1029/2019GL084948

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Characterizing the evolution of the 2014 Vulcan Creek landslide-dammed lake, Yukon, Canada – using field and remote survey techniques, led by Marc-André Brideau has been published
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The Possible Transition from Glacial Surge to Ice Stream on Vavilov Ice Cap, led by Whyjay Zheng has been published
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Aerodynamic and Structural Controls on the Emergent Forms of Wind-eroded Bedrock Landscapes, led by Jonathan Perkins has been accepted for publication
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Harnessing Geodesy to Detect Arctic Sediment Mass Transfer
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Collaborative Proposal: Earthcube Integration: ICEBERG: Imagery Cyberinfrastructure and Extensible Building-blocks To Enhance Research in the Geosciences.
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Using Satellite Measurements to Improve Regional Estimates of the Impacts of Sea Level Change.
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The Interaction of Mass Movements with Natural Hazards Under Changing Hydrologic Conditions.
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Contributions of Glaciers to Sea Level Rise Over the Past Half-Century
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