About Us

Dr. Jen Kay

Project Lead   

Jen Kay

Jen is an assistant professor in the Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences and a CIRES Fellow. Her research group focuses on polar and atmospheric science. Prior to coming to the University of Colorado at Boulder, she worked as a scientist in NCAR's Climate and Global Dynamics Division.


Dr. Anne Gold

Geoscience Education Specialist, Evaluator

Anne Gold

Anne is a Climate Literacy and Geoscience education specialist, paleoclimatologist and a climate scientist by training. She received her doctoral degree in paleoclimatology from the University of Regensburg in Germany. Her science expertise focuses on glaciation patterns in European and Asian Mountain Ranges and landscape evolution. Anne has always enjoyed teaching and advising students. She focuses now on science education for educators, students and the general public around climate and general geoscience education. She is very interested in understanding and studying effective ways of teaching and learning.


Ariel Morrison

Graduate Student

Ariel Morrison

Ariel is a Graduate Research Assistant working with Jen. She analyzes remote sensing data from the CloudSat/CALIPSO satellites to assess the influence of sea ice loss on Arctic clouds.  Along with Susannah Rozak from Pikes Peak Community College, Jen and Anne -- Ariel led a study in Summer 2018 to measure student engagement using hand sensors in a controlled setting. Ariel anticipates finishing her Ph.D. in Spring 2019, with one chapter presenting results from the Polar Bear Project.


Barbara MacFerrin

Photographer & Videographer

Barbara MacFerrin

Barbara is a photographer and videographer. Through her graduate studies in the Technology, Media and Society program in the ATLAS Institute, she developed an interest in addressing the impacts of climate change on Arctic and Alpine communities. Her desire is to utilize her passions for photography and filmmaking to communicate the stories of people who are directly affected by climate change as well as those who are on the front lines of scientific climate research.  Barbara led the production of videos and podcasts for this project as a part of her Master of Science degree. Barbara graduated in Spring 2017.


Dr. Karen McNeal

Geoscience Education Researcher, Project Advisor

Karen McNeal

Karen is an Associate Professor at Auburn University. She teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in Earth System Science, Global Change, Climate Change Literacy and Communication, and Discipline Based Education Research in the STEM Undergraduate Classroom.  Students in her group conduct research in the field of geoscience education/geocognition and typically use mixed methods research (e.g., qualitative and quantitative approaches) to investigate geoscience teaching and learning challenges in formal and informal settings. Her work ties together the affective and cognitive domains of learning in the geoscience education/geocognition field. Her group uses a suite of tools to investigate including psychomotor tools (e.g., eye-tracking, pupillometry, and skin biosensors), psychometric tools (e.g., concept inventories), and open-ended approaches (e.g., interviews, concept-maps, etc.) to measure people's engagement, conceptual understanding, and perceptions about the Earth.