EUPHORE-AlDiIn (2011)


From 24 June – 7 July the Volkamer group participated in a formal intercomparison for the measurement of alpha-dicarbonyls (glyoxal and methyl glyoxal) hosted at the EUropean PHOtoREactor in Valencia, Spain. The measurement of these compounds were performed to explore instrument errors and biases as well as interferences, such high NO2 concentrations effect on glyoxal and methyl glyoxal measurements. Other groups involved were the Keutch group from the University of Wisconsin, the group of Steve Ball at the University of Leicester, UK as well as the resident scientists at the chamber facility and the University of Leeds, UK.

Alpha Dicarbonyl Intercomparison: ALDIIN

Following the intercomparison the LED-CE-DOAS instrument remained at the chamber for a further month to investigate isoprene oxidation chemistry.